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My System Specs

Wink Gigabyte R9200 (GV-R9264DH) and Zalman VNF100 cooler

On graphic card Gigabyte GV-R9264DH (Radeon 9200), witch give me some SW installation problems, I tried install solid yet passive heatsink. I picked up Zalman VNF100, because it draw the temperature on upper side of gfx card, witch is good for moving the heat away. Also there is the heatsing a bit cooled down from the air movement from CPU cooler. So even the heatsing is far superior for such old card, witch did not overheat much at all, I got in the end a very cool card, been sure that the 2D artefacts it displaying ( ATI tool 0.26 release (new thread) - techPowerUp! Forums ) did not come from overheating or bad heatsink to GPU contact. And finally, no fan can be heard now from it :)

Whole look at the installation:

It is not entierly true, that the VNF100 cooler can be used on all R9xxx cards, as Zalman claims - Gigabyte design put one small cap slightly into the way:

I decided don't bend the cap or push the cooler on it or move the cooler more to the right but rather saw off a little of the two fins:

Cluster of TEAPO and one GSC cap - they are IMHO responsible for the minimal yet existing 2D graphic quirks:

On back of the card there is one more TEAPO cap:

Main caps are, luckily, Nichicons HM :)

And also Nichicons HC:

Look from the top of the card is nice, I pulled off the Zalman off his logo, to make the airflow better (unrestricted):

One more look at the cluster of TEAPO caps:

Complete lookat the back side of the card - in the fins, there are there plastic dilatation support spacers, to ensure the cooler did not touch the card from back. However if you slap these small coolers on the memory chips, then it is very likely you have to remove the middle spacer:

In the overal, then nothing stand in your way - only the heatpipes not insert all the way into the base, at least not on Soltek KT600-R mainboard. Because there can be then collision with the top of the ram installed in 1st DIMM slot. That will then prevent you insert the card properly into AGP slot. After all, even the relatively big cooler can be used in computer w/o any problems - except for the two fins on the GPU base on this particular card...

Gigabyte GV-R9264DH card use these caps:
3x 1000uF 6.3V Nichicon HM d8
2x 470uF 10V Nichicon HC d10
1x 100uF 16V GSC d5
9x 100uF 10V TEAPO d5
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