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Default Is your Geforce GTX 280 overheating?

I came across this in a forum while doing a search for aftermarket cooling for GTX 280 which there is none made as of yet.

My GTX280 Much Cooler Now

So those of you that are having issues with GTX 280 overheating, there is a solution and it apparently works. Even if your GTX 280 doesn't have the overheating issues like 40% of the that people do, its a good way to get your card even cooler.

Note: I read that if your GTX 280 is reaching temps of 110c after an hour of gameplay, to RMA. According to BFG and EVGA if your card is reaching temps of 100c or over, its defective. Some people have RMA'd their GTX 280 3 times until they got one that wasn't defective and was reaching normal temps of 70c to 80c after an hour of gameplay.

Apparently GTX 260 don't have this overheating issue.
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