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My System Specs


It's an IDE Drive. I only have two components really hooked up to the motherboard, the hard drive and a dvd writer. No secondary hard drives or anything.

I have tried what you suggested and still got the same results, it's a really odd problem(as i've installed xp on other computers before) this is the first that's giving me problems. I even went into the bios and turned off any un necessary features such as USB etc.

The thing that really gets me is why windows 98 has absolutely ZERO problems installing and i cant even get windows xp/millenium anywhere.

For the xp disc, i seriously get to the very first blue screen 'preparing for installation' and it does nothing after that, no options asking me to go ahead with install. Just a blank blue screen with preparing for installation on the top.

I read on the MS site that sometimes this part can take up to 30 minutes, so i even left it for quite some time to no avail. It did list on the website that if you still have access to alt ctrl delete that it means it hasnt hung, so once during the setup i tried it and it did nothing which tells me that the computer just froze...
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