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My System Specs


OH I know the True Black at least was a fantastic cooler when it came out, that's why I bought it. Just wasn't sure how it compares to newer ones. I know it's better than the CM hyper 212's I've been using constantly for any build that will take it since they're such a great bang for buck cooler.

But yeah, I have a 1366 bracket on order, not sure how long it's going to take though, had to order from frozencpu as I couldn't find it anywhere else. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, I don't know, but anyway, usps 15-30 day shipping, so we'll see how long it actually takes. There's no way I was spending 18$ or more to bump up the shipping, not for a 10$ item that could fit in a padded envelope. I really don't understand where these ridiculous shipping costs come from
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