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Default Windows XP installation problem, freezing on install, need help!

Hey guys, i need some help as i seem to be encountering an odd problem hopefully someone has come accross and resolved...

I have a computer with some parts that i know all work(tested them in my other rig)..

Athlon 2400+, 512mb ram, geforce 6200 video card etc etc...

Anyways, I have a hard drive i removed the old partition, created a new one and tried to use my windows xp disc to install xp, however during the installation phase(when booting up from disc for setup), it says 'Preparing windows xp installation - Press F6 for installation of raid/scsi drivers or something similar'.

The 'Press f6 for installation of raid drivers' disappears after about 2 seconds, and it sits on preparing installation forever with nothing else happening.

So i decided to go another route and install windows 98 first which installed flawlessly. I then tried the xp Disc, again, no luck.. I even tried a 'SECONDARY xp disc i have and no luck'. I then figured ok, maybe 98 it still too old, i'll install millenium over 98. So i start the install procedure for millenium and it goes through the first few minutes of installation and asks for a reboot.

So i then reboot the computer, a bar appears on the bottom of the screen saying preparing windows millenium installation and freezes there again..

Has anyone had any problems? I'm kinda wondering why 98 had no problems installing yet windows millenium, and two windows xp discs are having such difficulties.

Thanks for any help guys! Please ask if i didnt provide enough information on any of the steps i took.
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