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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Take a look at the DX11 and DX11.1 white papers. There's a very clean indication that memory requirements are decreasing.
I have seen the MS promo of this. If it works as advertised great! But I don't know if that will translate to PC's right away.

As for texture packs, that's a thing of the DX9 and DX10 days. With tessellation and other methods, the very nature of adding the illusion of textures into a game is changing.

Texture packs are no illusion. They are simply higher textures than the original. They require much more memory to use than the vanilla textures. Calling them an "illusion" has me perplexed. They are no more an illusion than the original textures.

Edit: Further, the vast amount of my library are DX9/10 titles.

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