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Default I was having a videocard driver problem ended up being something different

For the past few months my system would lag the nnvida driver error would come up . I had thought that it was the vid driver . then later on I noticed that it was happening more often when I had my firefox "Nightly" web browser open . this went on for a while I mean months .Just the other day it occured to me to retsart the nightly browser in safemode which turns off all of the addons I did this and left the browser open for hours while doing other things and had no problems at all I looked at the addons and noticed that ther ewhere two addons that somehow where added to the webbroswer, non of my other browsers had this addon. I restrated nightly turn on all of the addons and my sytem started to lag I quickly turned off the two addons and my system because stable I am not even sure that the addons where I just know t hat I didn't ad them.
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