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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
It's still showing one in queue but it's obviously already credited me for it.

I'm getting about 17min / 1%. (And yes I'm running 4M cache).

We'll see how the next one goes.... if it uploads fine should I scrap the install and start again, or not worry about the "failing to upload to server" message as long as the points keep piling up?
How do you know you have a queued wu? from the console or the fahlog.txt?

If you are looking at the work directory files, one of the bugs with the smp client is that files don't get cleaned up. But this should not cause the client to report unable to upload in the log/console.

The count of wu's completed and submitted is printed in the fahlog.txt (and updated in the client.cfg). The log will get moved to fahlog-prev.txt after a client restart if fahlog.txt is bigger than about 50K. So to see from the log whether a wu was uploaded, you might have to look back in the fahlog-prev.

Everytime a wu is successfully uploaded, there should be a meessage in the log with 'thank you for your contribution' message followed by 'number of units completed: ***'

So you should be able to confirm if each completed wu is followed by a successful upload. If it couldn't be uploaded at the time, the client retries every 6 hours i think and it should show in your log.

If that is the the case, then either the wu is corrupted, you didn't set the client to allow >5MB wu's when you configured it, or the work server it was assigned from is down/not accepting.

You can check server status by getting the ip address for the wu's server from you log and looking it up here: Folding@Home server status

Have you successfully uploaded a completed win smp wu yet? If not then your config may be wrong.

You don't want completed wus to sit in your queue too long because if they pass the deadline you will get no points for them, and it will have been reassigned to other machines. Deadlines are 4-5 days depending on the wu.

One thing that helps with debugging is to use the "-verbosity 9" switch on the client so that more detailed info is put in the log.

Can you post your logs here so i can have a look at them.

Also post your client.cfg file.

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