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Originally Posted by Frank Encruncher View Post
The problem isn't the pressure, it's chemical reactions and temperature.
Any seals would have to be safe to be used with Glycol.

Some manufacturers use lots of fillers in the their seals. They may with stand 200 psi @15C water pressure but may degrade quickly with interacting other chemicals or may shrink because of low temperature.

BrainEater's Glycol cooling system is a critical system to manufacturing process.
You may save a couple of thousands doing it yourself but if it fails how much would cost in lost production, downtime, clean up and repair cost.

There are some things that aren't worth cutting costs on.
K... Glycol isn't nearly as nasty as you may think... we run this stuff in regular old pex lines in concrete for hydronics. With standard sweat or pex 600 WOG brass fittings/valves. You can run the same stuff in your water cooling loops and suffer no issues other than cooling performance. Glycol is supreme when dealing with multiple metals to fight corrosion issues (if any exist) There are very little chemical reactions to worry about with glycol man... Temperature expansion is dealt with via diaphragm style expansion tank so it's really not an issue.

Failures are dealt with easily by adding a bypass loop like the picture I posted so metering/measuring fixtures can be maintained or replaced while the system pushes on. Other than a major mechanical failure or standard maintenance there's no way something as simple as a visual flow indicator should shut down a major piece of equipment unless the lack of flow is absolutely required putting lives at stake or major mechanical meltdowns due to lack of flow... that however is a completely different device and needs not be talked about in this thread.

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