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First, its probably your RAID card not the drives with regards to RAID 1. Not all drives like all RAID cards in all RAID levels (especially consumer raid controllers). I agree it probably will be fixed in a firmware upgrade. Seagate are good about these things when it comes to Enterprise drives.

Second, four drive numbers were included to show how the drives SCALE. These are enterprise drives. No business uses only one or two. Four really is too small number but the most Seagate would send.

Third, WD only sends - at best - two and then only if its in their best interest. Notice how they would not send REDs to us for testing? WD were not interested in a head to head against the ES.3s. In fact, I had to source our the second WD drives myself.

Fourth, dont like 4 vs 2....use the 2vs 2 numbers. It clearly shows the information you are looking for.

Fifth, these drives are meant for storage not OS use (who uses 2 or 4 4TB drives as an OS? buy a SSD and call it a day). Thus random access...yeah its not important. Sequential and deep queue depth IO performance...yup that is important. I do all and include the numbers for all the tests because of the 'edge' users who will do such a thing.

6th, if you want you are more than willing to send me two additional raptor 1TB drives and I will update the charts to 4vs 4...and keep the drives. Same for any others you want seen in the charts. Testing takes about 80hrs per yeah I will keep them as my time is not free.

7th, If that doesnt sound feasible. You are more than welcome to do a member review. All data points are welcome.

8th, Right now the SAS version of the ES.3 / connies are some of the best drives in their class. I use these drives myself and recommend them on a regular basis.

9th, I am brand agnostic. I use and recommend only good quality products in a class and dont care who the mfg'er is. Its is either up to my standards or its not.

Hope that clarifies things for you.
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