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This "test" is misleading at best. You put 4 of the ES.3's in a RAID-0 and then compare it to a 2 drive Raptor RAID 0 setup. This just doesn't make sense.
The real world output of the ES.3s is 184 write and the Raptors 210. Its just a matter if simple math, 4 ES.3 in raid-0 net you around 736 -strip overhead and then
a whopping 2 Raptors net you 420 etc. You then cheer the ES.3s for being so great without giving the Raptors an even chance. It would have been correct to do 4 Raptors in a Raid-0 would have given you around 840 writes. Thus killing the ES.3s not including
the ES.3s lag is around 9-10ms where the Raptors are in the low 3s. Just saying cause I have close to this setup myself. Difference being 12 ES.3s in Raid-6 and 12 Raptors in Raid-6.
I tried both drives in a Raid-0 setup and frankly the hit from Raid-6 wasn't enough to bother me and surely not enough to risk data loss with Raid-0. I do get it though, you want to show what each drive is totally capable of with using Raid-0 but in the real world no one is going to chance data loss. On a side note, the ES.3s don't like raid-1 or even Raid-10. I suspect its a firmware issue and will be fixed once we are past 001.

take care
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