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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Well looks like while waiting for a better deal on phones Virgin Mobile and Fido both pulled their 600mb/month 40$ plans. If I want that much data and not to pay an arm and a leg I'll need to look at mobilicity or wind mobile...
Yup, the whole "2yr contract" stuff mandated by the CRTC went into full force today it seems. Basically means higher prices for everyone as they justify it as being necessary to now cover the increased cost of subsidizing phones.

At least Harper isn't going to change the loopholes that allow foreign investors to come in and take over wireless spectrum. Granted I don't think the rumours of Verizon coming would do us any good. They'd just charge the same as the Big 3 anyways.

Your only hope is for some BTS deals in the coming weeks leading up to September. My $60 6GB plan seems to get better and better with time that I signed up for last year around this time.
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