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Default Thermalright True Black on i7 3930k?

Just had the 3930k I purchased from fishingfanatic show up at my door yesterday before I went to bed. Now I've finally finished all my work for the night so I have time to get some opinions on this.

I'm currently running an AMD Phenom II X4 955 in one of my systems, with a thermalright true black, I'd like to not give up that heatsink, and I've found a couple bracket options that should work to mount it on the 3930k that'll run me around 10-20$

Is there any reason at all I shouldn't go this route? I figure the AMD chip is rated 125, and the 3930 is rated 130, so by that logic if my temps are fine on the current AMD, they should be fine on the new chip, and probably even better under lighter loads given the few years ahead the new intel chip is and better power management / frequency scaling

before anyone asks, overclocking is not a factor, I've no intention of overclocking it....well maybe out of the box for a few hours to see what I hit, but otherwise it'll be running stock
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