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Originally Posted by stlouis1 View Post
I use the builtin feature often enough as well and rarely have issues unless I try to burn a disc too fast. I've always had the habbit of lowering my burn speed and never have problems. If I burn a DVD I burn it at 4x or whatever the lowest speed the media itself will allow. It takes 13 min to fill a DVD, hardly a deal breaker when it gives me time to walk away, grab a coffee and go for a smoke

I have an external samsung DVD burner as well, and it never fails me

the media makes a difference too though, what brand of writable discs are you using? some brands work better with some drives then others, and sometimes it's a matter of experimenting to find the best combo. used to be true in the early days, and I find it's still true, though nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
Today alone I tried verbatim +R, TDK -R, and HP branded Lightscribe media, none of which would even start. It errors out so quickly that I'm leaning towards something simple like a borked reg setting for timings, but if it were that simple then you'd think that MS would have a hotfix for it, and all of my google research suggests that such a fix does not exist.
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