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My System Specs


8GB sticks are no more prone to failure than 4GB sticks that I'm aware of. 2x8 GB sticks for 16GB of total RAM is PLENTY if you aren't doing video editing. So far, that's the only application I've seen breaking 16GB of usage. (Including significant multitasking.) Frankly, I'd be surprised if you ever saturate more than 8GB on a gaming rig.

The question remains as to whether 2 or 4 sticks are a better option. As mentioned previously, some board/power combos will clock RAM down a bit when running 4 sticks, although I believe that to be more an issue with lower quality MB's. (I could be wrong, but listing your MB/CPU/PSU could help answer that) Possibly you could consider 4 sticks as providing you a backup of pulling 2 sticks for RMA if any of your RAM fails, but that's a bit of a wash in my mind as simply buying the extra two sticks at the time of failure puts you no further behind. It might actually put you ahead to stick to 16GB as the price of RAM at the moment isn't all that great.

In short... my suggestion is 2x8GB. But it's always a personal decision to spend an extra $150 that will likely do nothing at all for you. Bragging rights might have some value, but spending that money on something like an SSD or other upgrade could actually get you something you could use.

*EDIT* - If the specs in your system link are accurate, I would definitely use that money for an SSD. It'll be a major jump for you, and gaming in 1080p isn't going to put you anywhere near 16GB of RAM usage.

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