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Smile 16 GBs vs 32GBs of Corsair Vengeance RAM

Hello guys...

I`m in a bit of a dilemma. I own a DP67BG intel motherboard and have 16 GBs of Corsair Vengeance RAM divided into 4 dimms of 4 GBs each. I also have a Noctua NH-C14 cooler which I use at half of its capacity because the heat spreaders on the memory dimms are too tall for the second fan to use. Thus I am planning to purchase low profile memory to install my second cooler fan. Now I have two choices, I can either buy a new set of 4 dimms of 4 GBs each ( 16 GBs total) or I can purchase two dimms of 8 GBs each and install them along with two other 8GB dimms I purchased a while ago and have a total memory of 32 GBs. My question is, which of the two choices is better in terms of reliability?

4 dimms of 4 GBs are working very well in my current build, so going for the 32 GBs setup would be in part for hardcore gaming and part for bragging rights. Anyway, my fear is that 8 GB dimms are more prone to failure or damage of some sort than the ones that are 4 GB each. Is there any truth to this concern? Should I go with 4x4 of RAM to ensure the best durability and/or reliability of each RAM stick or should I throw caution to the wind and get the two dimms of 8 GBs each and increase my memory to 32 GBs?

I would appreciate informed suggestions regarding this matter.

By the way, the memory brand that I am talking about in all cases is Corsair Vengeance
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