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Ok so I ended up getting the PC350's as I'll probably get more out of them if I invest in a decent sound card. I understand the bass problem, if I press them against my ears they sound perfect (to me at least). I'll probably do the hero mod and btw I have 3 PCI-E x1 slots but I'd still kinda prefer USB sound card. Is amp just for volume? If so, I don't really care for pumping the volume as loud as I can. I usually listen at an above average volume. Any recommendations for a sound card around $50-100 ish for the PC350's to get a little more bass and oomph out of them so they sound less empty? Also how long does it take to burn in a headset? I listen to music most of the time I'm on the computer usually around 4~6 hours.

Would the Creative X-Fi USB 5.1 soundcard be alright?

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