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My System Specs


Originally Posted by gulpcow View Post
So what sound card would you guys recommend for the 350s? Has to be USB as I'm out of PCI/PCI-E slots. Also what's the difference between a sound card and an amp? Would the FiiO e6 work?
A sound card typically consists of a DAC (digital to analogue converter) and amplifier circuitry. (but most of these circuits are designed for low loads, not 150ohms like the PC350)

The Fiio E6 would work, but you'd be double amping. (which you typically don't want to do) The issue with that is you might be making flaws in the amp circuitry louder, so you need to use a line out which connects directly to the DAC and bypasses the amp on your onboard sound. (this probably wouldn't be worth the trouble)

The Xonar U3 can sometimes be found for ~$30 and it's a pretty decent USB solution. The drivers have matured quite well at this point (though they aren't 100% issue free) and you have other solutions in terms of drivers. (third party drivers or directly from CMedia)
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