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Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post
Please read carefully.....

I'm helping to build a little glycol loop/cooling system.....prolly in the area of 500 GPM , half-million BTU load....35 feet of head pressure , many different loops.


We're running 4" mains to the loops . each loop goes down to 2" lines .


We are trying to design a 'cheap' monitoring setup.We've got primary pressure and flowrate covered ...Caveat : each main loop expands to 3 sub loops.'s when we start to try to monitor each loop/sub-loop that things get really expensive.

Anyone ever made flow indicators ( just indicator , not measure) ??

How about actual measuring devices ?


This is the watercooling section , lets see what yah got !!!

As a maintenance person I'll tell you the cheap way
Hire an Engineering firm and get qualified professionals to install it.


*You'll will be legally responsible for that system if some thing goes wrong.*

When ever you design a system always ask "what happens when it fails"

If any those flow meters fail where is the Glycol going go.
Are you going to contaminate the ingredients or flood your plant with thousands of liters of coolant.
OH&S, Alberta Environment, Environment Canada, AGLC and will slew of other agencies will be looking for who is responsible.

Yes the upfront costs are more but you're less likely to poison someone or the environment which will cost more long term.

I've dealt with these agencies before and they don't play nice.

Whenever I design something I make sure the people using it don't get hurt.
Not just because I would be legally responsible but because I would be miserable the rest of my life for injuring somebody.
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