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My System Specs


Ilya is right. The tin cans part I mentioned is definitely caused by a lack of power.

As for the Hero Mod, the reason I mentioned it was because I found that it personally made it sound better. The PC350's are extremely light on the lows, even more so than the HD555 and Audio Technica AD900 (I own both) which are both "open" design headphones. Now obviously that's a design choice on Sennheiser's part, but i don't think it makes sense for what they're designed for. For many games, especially FPS, you need noticeable bass for directionality in footsteps and whatnot.

I love my PC350s and could easily recommend them to anybody assuming they're comfortable with the mod and can power them. If not, I'd say go with something else that's easier to drive. My suggestion would be to get headphones and a standalone microphone, like the aforementioned Sennheisers (They're onto HD558 now but a used set of HD555 can be found cheap, seeing as mine were $70.).
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