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Originally Posted by gulpcow View Post
That's pretty disappointing, my current headset sounds fine to me and it was $50 so why would $200 headsets sound like tin cans? Do they really sound that bad? Is it worth modding it or should I go for the Logitech G35's? I really like Sennheiser but it's disappointing to have to mod a headset to get its full potential. Shouldn't it have been manufactured to sound like the modded version instead of released sounding like tin cans?
The lack of bass in the PC350's was an intentional design choice and they only sound like tin cans when you aren't giving them enough power. The Asus Xonar DG/DGX will be adequate for powering PC350's and they come pretty darn cheap.

Honestly, if you intend to buy a pair of PC350's and "hero mod" them you're better off buying HD555's or HD595's in the first place.

The question is what do you want from your headphones, not whether or not you should buy PC350's. (open/closed, sound signature, soundstage/imaging, etc)
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