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Update on testing

Very close to 20 hours of testings with 40% cpu usage
And no heat issue, no stability issue, work at 100%
ambient temp today is 29c in my office

all vrm still cold to touch, only thing with a little bit of warm is rectangular cap around cpu, only warm not hot

Its a h77 chipset and i use a i3-2100, no overclocking, use intel gpu, all stock

Keep in mind this mobo dont have heatsink on vrm/mosfet, thats why i painted vrm/mosfet
If you paint any motherboard with a heatsink, you will not have any vrm heat issue because you will tape the heatsink/vrm/mosfet
anyway mine are painted and i dont have any issue

Lollll someone saw my pics with plasti-dip mobo and already sold it in a build i will do for him
He wants it for a christmas gift lolll
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