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Originally Posted by Caldezar View Post
If you're decision is strictly between those two, I'd suggest browns. They're probably the most 'balanced' switch of the group IMO. (balanced between feedback, rigidity and masked volume)

The downtown Vancouver NCIX actually has a pretty cool display that has a group of six or so of each type of switch set up on a panel that allows you to play around with them and feel the difference between the switches for yourself. It might be worth calling around Edmonton to see if any of the shops in your area has something similar. Or maybe just see if anyone has a couple keyboards of brown and black on demo. Nothing helps make the right decision like personal testing.
Thanks, that's kind of how I suspected the view on browns between the two. I thought about blues as well, but I don't think I wanted an audible click.

Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge no one in Edmonton has a a keyboard demo. Memex is the closest we have and everything's boxed
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