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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
I never said Seasonic will stagnate, I merely said they will take note and there will come a time when someone will at some point surpass them be it only by a small margin. Again, SS is good, and they have an amazing set of engineers that help them stay that way. But, there are a lot of up and comers that are aiming for the same crown under the right opportunities.

DSP as far as I know is in Corsairs AXi model lineup. Voltage regulation is still very good, though more traditional designs are right there too depending on the model type.
However couple that with the superb monitoring capabilities slowly being offered (Corsair Link) and you start to have features and functionalities that are a nice touch to the units beyond their functionality.

DSP may or may not become the standard, but I always root for new technologies. And by allowing us to link right into our PSU's now, its one thing that traditional cannot do yet.

*** Edit - To add to another one of your thoughts, we have had AC-DC and DC-DC for many many years, and it has taken long to refine it to where we stand now. DSP is just being accepted in this form, so who knows what 5 years of maturity will bring. Under 10mv Ripple perhaps? 0.01% Regulation? Diamond Effeciency ? That's why I said what I did, because it is not an older technology being stretched rather a newer one that is growing.

Thanks for the clarifications, and I'm also all for new technology. I wasn't aware that DSP was behind Corsair Link in the AX1200i. Let's hope someone does beat SS, that would be some sweet power supply.
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