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I first want to thank all the people who are subbed and like the thread. You're good vibes help push me harder. Thanks Guys.

The Laser Hive
I have to give a very special shout out to David from The Laser Hive: Laser cutting/engraving. PC/Mac specialist conversions . David and I have been working on a totally custom motherboard tray, i/o shield and backplate. When I saw his products I just had to have them in my case and ever since then we have been designing the pieces that were needed to make this happen. The new motherboard tray is be made as you read this, it will be made from clear neon green 5 mm acrylic.

The Laser hive not only the first place any apple modder should check out first but also does custom designing, cnc, and fabrication. Its a really neat company it you have a cool idea but don't have the specials tool to make it happen.

Front Panel part one and two

So for this part I did all my designing on the computer and tried my ideas a couple of times before I had a working templates.

I screwed it up the first time I tried. I was feeding to fast and to large of bit.
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