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Default Overclocking/unlocking 6950

Hey Guys, recently I noticed my that my card was struggling with Tombraider on ultimate settings (1920x1200) so I decided to unlock the extra shaders and try some overclocking. The unlocking went fine (did not flash a 6970 bios but instead used my original bios and unlocked just the extra shaders). I haven't overclocked an AMD card in a little while so I was surprised to see they no longer have the "autotune" function and instead have 4 sliders (GPU/Mem/Fan/Power). So, I bumped up the GPU to max (840) and the memory half way (1275ish) and added 5% more to the power and it seems all stable (temps are fine as well). Is there anything else I should be doing? The max GPU speed wasn't very high so should I jump over to a different program to overclock? Suggestions? Also, I use to have this card underwater and now it is using the stock blower style fan so can somebody suggest a good aftermarket HSF for me? Thanks
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