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My System Specs

Default Thanks

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

The monitor is good, I've got a laptop going to it using VGA, and am doing my troubleshooting using the VGA port on another monitor that the laptop is usually plugged into. Sorry for failing to mention this earlier.

I got pulled away and haven't yet tried checking whether the system is registering on the network.
Will do that first.
Next I'll line up NorthernPal's suggestion of checking for lights on the keyboard using my non-wireless spare.
Failing that, I'll nab the speaker from the family PC to check for any error indicators, checking the Caps in the process. I recall an old Umax laptop with the same problem (am I aging myself here?).

I don't think I'll sink bucks into the battery, though I recall the days when a dead battery would cause me all kinds of grief.

Thanks again each of you. I'll update the thread with my progress over the next couple of days.

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