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Default Android to Android remote desktop?

Getting started on a new project and want to remotely control an android device with my smart phone. I've been looking and see lots of PC/Mac to Android and Android to PC/Mac remote desktop apps but cant find anything for just Android. Maybe I'm not using the right words in a google seach..... I don't know.

If it matters, my project is a music player for the back yard. I have all my music in FLACs on a server in my house. I am considering using a raspberry pi (since I've read there is an android ROM for it). I want it to be on the network so it can stream off the server. The wife also wanted it to be able to play Pandora and satellite radio so I'd have to be able to use a few apps easily. Of course an android device (assuming the pi is up to the task) can do all this easily, but I want to be able to use our smart phones or tablets to be able to control it and the volume.

Any suggestions for some apps?
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