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I have never seen a dead battery cause a board not to POST...
It sounds like you have done most of the things I would do in your situation.
Do you have some little crappy speaker from some other case or system you could attach to the board (if it has speaker out) those beep codes if any would be invaluable
I have noticed that most boards will cause the keybaord num lock/caps lock/ scroll lock lights to flash during post. Do you remember this happening before and if so does it happen now. If it does it is getting pretty far along, if not not so good.
Some boards have a way to clear the bios settings and/or recover the bios from a backup bios, check options for your board (pulling your battery overnight should be good enough to clear bios settings if you can't find any other info)
Check the board for any bad caps ( capacitors which are bulging are either failing or have failed)
If it really is failing to post I would bet it is the board (as cpu's rarely fail on startup in my experience but usually when doing burn ins or when over volted and/or overclocked and/or over heated which are not happening during post)
Good luck
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