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My System Specs

Default No POST after reboot

Hey HC crew,

A week ago I rebooted my 6 year old computer after installing some Windows updates. After reboot, the system failed to POST. More accurately, the system turns on, sounds like the spinning disks initialize, and it stays on; all without any signal to the monitor.

I had time to work on troubleshooting today and have done the following:
  1. Swapped out the video card with the known good one from my family PC.
  2. Moved the video card to a different PCI-E slot.
  3. Pulled all the RAM and tested each stick one-at-a-time in each of the 4 RAM slots
  4. Unplugged all but the System SSD drive
  5. Pulled the CPU cooler, cleaned, reseated, and applied fresh MX-2 before reattaching the CPU cooler.

While writing this I've come up with the idea to see if it registers on the network; ping it from my other PC. Any other suggestions of what I could test? BTW: no system speaker, so no beeps possible.

Barring a positive outcome from the next test or suggestions, my best guess is that my CPU or some critical aspect of my Mobo is pooched.

I'm not going to replace it, so if I can't get it started, I'll be doing some data recovery using my other PC and a HDD case.

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