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Originally Posted by 10e View Post
How good can a cooler be to dissipate 200+ watts on a core the size of half a postage stamp like my 4770K's die?

By way of comparison my very good 3770K is de-lidded and doing 4.8-4.9 Ghz at 155 to 170 watts in a similar no GPU configuration, and even with two GTX Titans idling its using 230w on a different board, with the CPU at full blast on Prime95 or IBT/LinX.

As great_big_abyss said, I'd much rather AMD binned some parts for high speeds and sold them to me with a warranty and a guaranteed speed than play financial russian roulette finding a decently overclocking 4770K. It's not fair to use a "binned" 4770K to compare, because finding one requires a number of returns or re-sells, or someone on Ebay or a BST forum who's willing to gouge you for a "binned" 4770K. At this point that "binning" process is costing way more than $350.00, and begins to make an FX-9590 look like a good investment.

Haswell yields right now for enthusiasts are not tremendous:,3521-10.html

Go below the CPU-Z screenshot and see that a number of their chips sucked just like my "good" overclocking chip at 4.4 and 1.20 volts.

Further to that the 4770K is gimped in some features while the FX line is not. A better comparison is an I7 3820.

Thanks, I needed that.
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