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There might be a workaround for the Nvidia limits:

Unlock Afterburner limits on all cards?, and GTX 770 lightning tweak

It really depends on your luck with the silicon lottery. I wouldn't recommend more than ~1.425V (probably less) for 24-7 on a GPU on air. Maybe 1.45V on water. People using the 680s got in the same range that you got. Still, I'd be interested to see how this card stacks up against the other 770s, whether they can pull in the 1,350 - 1,400 range 24-7. The other issue is the VRAM overclocking. GK104 is very much memory bandwidth bottlenecked, so you may see better results with a higher VRAM OC and a lower core OC.

But yeah I agree Nvidia's decision to limit the voltages really sucks. Right now to be honest, I would not buy. I would wait for the 9970 and it's derivatives to come out. It could be anything from slightly slower than a 780 GTX to slightly faster than a Titan, based on the rumours floating around.
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