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No real negatives, maybe a few suggestions/opinions, except the expensive prices you are quoting! You should look in other sites and buy from the ones that price match.

The Rosewill PSU is Superflower OEM, one of the best, but as of today, the rebate on the Corsair HX 650 (Seasonic OEM) make it a better deal.

An i5 is worthy of a 140mm cooler don't you think? Worst case, if you're not overclocking, you can still move more air with slower fan and keep things quieter.
Not a fan of Noctua colors? The NHU14 is really good.

The UD3H uses a more advance (last generation, not that advanced) sound chip, has display port, and more USB 2.0.

However, none of that matters if you plan on getting a discrete GPU, sound card, wireless adapter, etc., because then you can get the cheapest motherboard from a reputable manufacturer such as Asus, Gigabyte and MSI and add exactly what you need and end up with better functionality. The best sound on the best motherboard won't sound as good as a discrete mid-range soundcard.

I prefer the Asus brand: ASUS Z87-A with ASUS GTX770-DC2OC.

I'd get a newer case like the ARC MIDI R2. It's smaller but everything fits in and gets cooled all the same. Maybe add to your budget and get the Corsair Air 540.

I wouldn't go for high-end SSD. A Plextor M5s is plenty enough speed for me.
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