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Default adaptive voltage?

I have an i7 4770k cpu, and a z87 gryphon motherboard. When I set my frequency at 4ghz with 1,1 voltage (at manual) it's stable with aida for 20 minutes(Just how long i've tested it) so therefore I'm going to use that voltage as my "max"). But I can't get it to work with the adaptive voltage, probably because I dont understand how to use it and what the settings really mean.

When using adaptive voltage i set my turbo max to 1,1 volts, and i set the offset for 0.001(so the max would be 1,101 volts) and i do the same for the cache voltage.

When in windows it goes up to 1,169 in the beginning and after a while it goes down, to low volts like around 0.7 but it can go up sometimes and it will stay at 1,169 I believe when playing games like BF3.

It's like it completely ignores the numbers that i've set in. I've even tried putting 1.050 and it still goes to 1.169 for some reason.

And when I put the offset for 0.05 it goes over 1.2 i believe it actually gets at 1.219 and thats a precise 0.050 extra for 1.169, so there must be a connection.

Also there are some numbers just to the left for where you choose what mode you want to use for controlling the volts (auto, manual, offset and adaptive) and these numbers cannot be changed, it seems.
What do they mean?

I've watched guides for overclocking, but not for my specific mobo the asus GRYPHON z87 motherboard, which means the settings are very similiar but not 100%.

Does anybody know how to fix this issue of the voltage going over what i've set it to with ADAPTIVE mode, when it stays the same when using manual?
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