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Default 3000VA UPS's and 2x 1500VA UPS's

Looking at a interesting setup here in part's I have collected over time.

My current server setup has a redundant power supply (2 Power supplies) which currently has each Supply plugged into a seperate 1500VA smart UPS power supply, that way when the primary UPS is exhausted in a failure the server will see it as a failed power supply, switch the the backup and draw of the 2nd UPS.

Now I also have a 3000VA smart UPS which I will be able to bring online once I move the system and install a 30A breaker.

These are older units so not concerned with the UPS warranty, the ideal setup would be to have both 1500VA ups's plugged into the 3000VA UPS for extended runtime, I know this is not best practice but does anyone have experience in in if this will work, all units put out a true sine wave compared to a stepped wave.

The backup situation would be to run everything off the 3000VA ups, with the server plugged into the 1500VA as a backup, however that would leave 1 1500VA unit unused and would require me to install a seperate 15A outlet in addition to the 30A outlet.

Any creative suggestions?
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