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Smile Windows 7 Boot hang

Hello there,

I've been adding to my custom build over the years and I have consitantly ran into issue about every boot.
My boot takes around a minute and forty-nine seconds despite being on a solid state drive (Crucial M4 128gb).

I have yet to figure out what's keeping my system from booting quickly.
Any help or suggestions is genuinley appreciated :)

Here's what i've done.
1) Launched Windows 7's default startup repair
2) Re-organized my sata cables so my ssd would be on the first port
3) Applied a prioritized boot order. SSD First obviously.
4) Updated my BIOS to the most recent firmware.
5) Updated my SSD Firmware to the most recent.
6) Updated all drivers to the most recent. (Through Windows and Slimware Driver Updater)
7) Messed around in MSCONFIG. Removed Services & Startup entries which weren't needed.
8) Disabled GUI Boot in msconfig, Shortened the Timeout to 5 seconds.

I have a video showing my complete boot from an off state. (Skip to the end to see the specific times)
What's funny is that i believe it's one of my USB components.
The boot itself is almost instant ,
but the initializing at the last moment takes the most amount of time.

Now for the device specifics.
Here's an imgur image of my general components.
Here's a CPU-Z HTML of my specifics.
And last but not least, if you prefer a .txt file, then here you go.

I have two hard-drives.

1 - Crucial M4 128GB SSD
2 - WD 1tb Green (5200rpm) for just plain data.

Thank you so much for your help
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