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So I spent the better part of the last couple hours fixing a problem with the rad mount. There was to much movement on the mounting system. I made a bracket to reinforce that area.

Once that was done I started work on the screws that held the plexi glass which the mounting system was placed on. I made a screw cutting rig and started to cut all 10 screws. Once that was done I mounted the whole thing back together. Lastly I cut space for the screws that will hold the front of the case back on. Little more filling and she's done.

The last version of the motherboard tray was finished this morning. I have sent the design off to to get cut. David was really helpful with the designing this custom one off tray, i/o shield and backplate.

While I wait for those pieces to arrive I am going to be work out the rest of the W/C route and mounting the fan controller. If all goes well the case should have some colour on it by September.

What are your thought on the project.
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