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well a few questions then.

1. are any games running at a fps that are unsatisfactory?
2. if not then whats the point in upgrading?
3. if your games are running slow then maybe you need a titan or better because im not sure 7970 even overclocked surpasses a 6990.
4.i do not feel a 590 or a 6990 is the discussion here.

anyhow away from the points/questions. its more to the single card vs dual card points now.

you probably paid like a 750-1000$ premium for that card..imho its a entire waste of money absolutely no question and im sure you are feeling the negative effects of that decision now.

in my opinion you right now are better off waiting for the 8xxx series amd cards to release i highly doubt your having fps problems atm and you really wont have a great fps increase until the 8xxx/9xxx series amd series comes around as 780 and titan cards are so much more expensive for such a little gain.
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