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My System Specs


I ended up going with the Samsung, picked it up this morning since I had the money handy after selling a few things off yesterday.

I'm not entirely worried about the memory being TLC, especially after reading technical details on the counter measures put in place for voltage drops in transistors due to the additional switching due to the TLC design

there's also this
Hardware.Info tests lifespan of Samsung SSD 840 250GB TLC SSD [Updated with final conclusion] - Final update (20-6-2013) | Hardware.Info United Kingdom

over 3000 write cycles reached, and a calculated lifespan of 198 years at a 10gb per day lifespan based on 3000 not worried

besides, it's going to do more reading than anything, and i've got a backup image of the full working system which takes about 5 minutes to restore it to a working state on a new drive should anything happen. it doesn't store any critical data anyway

so far I updated the firmware, it's working as well as I'd expected and I got exactly what I wanted out of it, so I'm satisfied
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