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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
It's simply not possible to fully combine the two.

With BTC, the processing power of the entire cluster is used to essentially secure the monetary platform. That's why the BTC system is so difficult to "hack" or "scam." You'd need a supercomputer as powerful as the entire computing cluster in order to do so. (and at this point in time only a few distributed computing projects have that kind of power) The only other way to cheat the system is to steal virtual wallets, but technically that's not cheating the system but the individual users.

EVGA gives EVGA bucks to their folders that keep up a predetermined point production and I believe NCIX used to do point giveaways for their folding team. Aside from corporate entities doing freebies there's really no way to give virtual currency through folding. (for currency to be used and accepted there needs to be some sort of security to ensure its value)
I understand a "new" coin would be necessary for all this but thats fine. New coins pop up everyday. The latest one than I find most interesting basically works like Prime95. Primecoin or XMP as its known. Its searching for prime numbers while you mine. This is the first coin that I am aware of that is actually doing something different.

That EVGA bucks thing is very interesting. Its a good system to base this off. You wouldn't have to change anything on the folding end of things but the reward system could send out rewards to wallet based on the work you do.
How does one get involved with that program? Do you just use EVGA as your folding team?
Theres no reason another team can't make up a coin. They just need to bang there heads together with a mining dev and see what they can come up with.

The world needs this to work somehow.
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