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No one is charging anyone for anything. You would be rewarded with a coin, that is pretty much worthless unless the community gives it value. The same as with crypto mining. BTC is worthless except folks are willing to give it a value.
There is a huge need and want for this in the crypto mining community. Folks don't like wasting electricity mining magic blocks when they could be using the same resources to fold and actually produce something good for humanity.
No one wants to charge standford for folding for them thats for sure.

Those coins would be worthless to joe blow but for folders and miners we are able to give them a value and spend that value in our community. Take namecoin for example. You can merge mine that while mining BTC. Namecoins can be traded directly for a domain name. No cash is traded just the coin you earned mining/folding. Trading it for a cash value may come at a time just like it has with BTC and LTC but thats not the point.

To point of all this is to stop miners from wasting energy for no reason except personal gain. Its in no way to diminishes what folders do. Miners have the same hardware as folders and some with rigs that would make any folder drool. We need to use this power for good not personal gain but its going to be hard to change that when folks are earning $1000s a month mining/trading cryptos.
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