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Default Please tell me we can combine mining and folding?

Ahoy folks.

I and many others are sick and tired of wasting resources crypto coin mining. You folks who fold use the same resources and your only reward is knowing that you took part in a worthy cause. I wish I could mine yet use those resources for the same worthy cause as you folks who fold.

Please tell me there is a way to combine the two? Why can't we Fold and Mine at the same time and use that energy for the greater good while receiving financial incentive to do so? Incentive that could be used to buy and expand ones mining/folding rig.

What I want to see is a gather of brains in both the mining and folding communities to see if its possible to develop a process that combines the two.

Would it be very hard to develop a piece of folding software that sends out a payment to wallet once a WU is complete? or payout based on PPD? Surely there has to be some way to combine all of this.

I am not a dev by any means. I like to mine and I like to fold. If I had the ability to make the two work hand in hand I would do it myself.

This is something that MUST be done.
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