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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
I'm looking to upgrade my display.

Specifically, I'm looking for a 27" 2560x1440 monitor with a 120hz refresh rate.

Alternatively, if a 27" display is too expensive, I can bump down to a 24" 1920x1200 display, but I definitely want a 120hz display.

I would prefer to buy from Memory Express, as they are local to me and I could avoid the shipping charge involved with shipping a large display.

Also, what is 'lightboost'. I mean, I googled it, so I know what the definition is, but is this a technology that is worth looking for in a new display?
There are people who just love it -- see LightBoost testimonials.
LightBoost can be used for 2D, not just 3D. LightBoost also eliminates motion blur, even if you're not interested in 3D.

LightBoost gives you true CRT-sharp motion on LCD, which improves gaming quality for many people. Some people don't like the loss of brightness though. However, the gamma can easily be fixed if you take the time (_lower_ your nVidia Control Panel Gamma by about 0.15 to approximately 0.85 if you enable LightBoost, to fix the LightBoost gamma effect if the colors look washed out).

People whose gaming styles depend on tracking eyes all over the screen during fast motion (e.g. tracking eyes on moving objects during fast panning motions, turns, strafes), will greatly benefit from LightBoost motion blur elimination, as it now becomes easier/faster to identify moving objects without the motion blur. It's worth having, since you can turn the LightBoost feature on/off.

-- Displays with LightBoost are currently all 1920x1080
-- If you want 2560x1440p, you need one of the overclockables such as the Korean imports.
-- There is no 120Hz 1920x1200 flat panel displays, except for certain speciality high-priced science displays (e.g. Viewpixx LCD)

Canada Computers and Memory Express sells several 120Hz monitors with LightBoost, but none of the overclockables, so if you want something local, the models with LightBoost are the cheapest/easiest to get (e.g. VG248QE for less than $300 CAD, and they also sell several of the BENQ's such as the XL2420T).

There's a good list of overclockable 120Hz, and lightboost 120Hz displays at:
List of 120Hz Monitors

Hope this helps!

From Photos: 60Hz vs 120Hz vs LightBoost

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