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My System Specs

Default Need help Current status of Raid Arrays technology

I have been reading various articles over the past few years about the options for setting Raid as a means of redundancy in back up solutions.
From all i read i would like -if possible- to set a 1 + 0 (10) type. I understand that 4 HDDS are needed for that.
In the past, 4 totally identical HDD were necessary. Is that still the case? Or nowadays different brands and models could be amalgamated? With the caveat that to be efficient they all should be of the same size?
Same with Raid 1 which needs 2 HDDs of the same size.

I also understand that Windows 7 Home only supports Raid 0 and 1 but nothing else.

My current situation is this:

I am getting a new PC built:
- Fractal Design Define R4
- Intel i5-4670K Haswell
- Asus Z87 Sabertooth
- 16 GB Kingston Memory Hyper X Blu
- Windows 7 Home 64-bit

I am planning to set the Raid 1 + 0 (if possible via the hardware) OR Raid 1 via Windows 7 Home Software.

If the motherboard supports Raid 10 can the 1 + 0 be set via the Bios without the need of a specific Card just for Raid?
If i am using 2 WD5000AAKS in Raid with the OS in an Intel 320 Series SSD, would there be any incompatibilities?

And lastly i will be setting the software to run Intel Smart Technology to accelerate all 7 of my HDDs. This now is a very ignorant question from Me >> Are there any clashes between running Raid and also running Intel's Smart Response Technology software to accelerate all my mechanical drives with cache from the SSD?

I would appreciate knowledgeable responses from those willing to help including how to do any or all of those things I am interested in

Thank you kindly

If i am able to set Raid of any kind and eventually I lose one or more of the HDDs in a major crash, where can i find tutorial/s of how to proceed to save the data at that point?

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