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My System Specs


^^^^ No seem like a pretty good too and likely far more of a "Geek" then me ;)......I'm NOT going to attest to be an expert, by no means, but I certainly DO see improvements in Framerates / gameplay OC'ing my CPU in both Benchmarks and "some" games....regardless of what the "Net" reviewers say. Perhaps its similar to your ability to "feel" the difference going to a single Titan from 680 SLi ;)

Running most Benchmarks increasing CPU speed does in fact improve overall in some cases GPU I have not "measured" this "in game", but I would guess there are some "CPU bound" games that would take advantage of higher clock speeds and multi GPU's certainly are happier with higher clock speeds.

I know you did state you play games (Bioshock) with "Adaptive VSynch".....I generally dont play with any vsynch at all, hence more GPU's for Max Framerates, BUT with the hot weather I thought I'd give it a try just so less strain on GPU's and lower locked at 60 FPS (no 120Hz monitor here) and buttery surprises at all....of course GPU utilization down to 50% or so and temps way down. Now what exactly am I going to see a "feels like" improvement going to a single Titan....sorry...dont mean to sound like douche....but I'm not quite getting it....."Adaptive Vertical Synch" is locked at 60FPS.....whether 1 Card...2 Cards or even 3 feels "smooth" ...looks "jitters"....btw, I'm sure you are aware that Bioshock Infinity (although DX11) hardly puts any stain on the GPU's at all in the first place.....without AVS runs around 250 FPS.

Anyhow....nuff about all that I'm sure we're way off topic now ;)

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