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My System Specs


the problem with booting iso's is that most boot loaders that can do so, require the thing to be formatted fat32, at least that i know, and more than likely that will kill the transfer speed when it comes to small files, as if ntfs over usb wasn't bad enough for that, then there's the file size limit, and with my wim images for os installs, that's a problem

now the new bootmgr for win 8 has the native ability to boot from vhd's, its only too bad they can't be a raw vhd file so that you could boot linux variants from vhd's as well. i was really disapointed when i started experimenting with the new bootmgr for my multiboot key and discovered that. leave it to ms to make something good, and only go half way with it

either way, the hunt continues, im in no rush tbh, it's more something of a convenience.
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