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My System Specs


Squeets....its obvious you "love" your monitor ;) .....I had a look at some of the offerings with your 120 Hz "Lightboost" does going "backwards" to 27" 1080i from 27" 2560 * 1440 really make sense? .....or am I missing something, as in 120 Hz Lightboost being available in a 1440p flavour?'
The asus I saw available is 3D 120 Hz 1080i.....not at all intersted in a 3D capable monitor, the 120Hz "Lightboost" has perked my interest though. Still, I'd have to see both side by side "gaming" to be convinced to "ditch" my Dell 1440p for something else, as I dont notice any "motion blur" and see only bight vibrant colors when whats the skinny?

This is the Review I went Lightboost is actually nv technology (I take it software enabled thru nvcp).
ASUS VG248QE Review

Yeah....would have to be pretty bloody good tech to ditch a $600 Dell in favour of a 24" 1080i imo ....again I've nvere been at all interested in donning glasses and playing 3D.....perhaps when 120 Hz are more mainstream in 1440p or 1600p flavours I may have a serious look.

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