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My System Specs


its because i have some batch scripted OS installers in for windows in my custom winpe. the reason it's setup that way is because i have multiple editions of windows and versions of windows. i could have copied individual setup folders, but by using batch files, diskpart scripts and dism to apply unattended configurations, i was able to bypass the setup process, and combine the wim images to reduce the amount of diskpage.

so for example, windows 7 and server 2008 are combined into a single wim, same with windows 8 and server 2012. combining the rims cut down the disk cost by about 9gb

now because i did it this way, if there's no driver loaded to recognize the hard drive in the machine, when the diskpart script runs and cleans disk 0, well oops, there goes my usb

if my coding skills weren't limit to batch files, i would have happily made something better, that can check if there's an actual hard drive, but i'm no code junky.

so the next best thing is to get a drive with a write protect switch.

so far it seems the Kanguru SS3 is the only one i can find, and it's a little rich for my blood at 120$ almost for a 64gb
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