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My System Specs


I run pfsense and Solaris in virtual machines with nic's and HBA's passed through on an ESXi 5.1u1 host. I have no issues. Mind you, mine isn't mITX and there's 8-9 other vm's running on the system

I can see how some may not find it ideal, there are definitely flaws to it, but there's cons to everytime. Sometimes it comes down to what works best for you. I know I have to keep a specific startup order for my VM's for everything to work since they're kind of meshed together. In your case pfsense would need to startup first, and then freenas if it's connecting via dhcp anyway. The host itself also has to have a static IP or it may drop off your network

supermicro has a few mITX boards, but I don't think any have IPMI which would be ideal in case the host locks up, especially since you want it headless. I believe Vmware's last patch was for an issue that causes lockups on intel systems, I believe it's only a partial fix, not sure off hand. I haven't encountered it myself though.

the other thing to keep in mind, is that even with vt-d, some boards may not allow passthrough. it's often a separate option in bios like it is for mine

//corrected post, I said freenas when I meant pfsense....

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