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My System Specs


I just sold an IBM X3650 with a pair of quad-core Xeon 5345's, 32gb ram and no hard drives for 300$ the other day. But the 3650 is rack mountable, has a SATA/SAS controller and 6 hot-swap bays, plus 2 redundant power supplies.

maybe that will help give you an idea? depending on the configuration of the 3500, especially without hard drives, not being rack mountable, at most I wouldn't pay more than 200-250, but if its a single quad with less ram, I'd be going lower

One thing to keep in mind, that server takes FB-DIMM's for ram, if you would need to add ram to it, don't bother because you'll pay out the @$$ for it

socket 771 CPU's are cheap on ebay though, you can get pairs pretty cheap if it needs a cpu upgrade. Some servers require a larger bios though for certain cpu upgrades, which is why you'll often see kits that come with the preflashed bios to swap in for example. My Sun X2200 was like that, and i've seen HP do that as well
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